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Absolute Value 

Mom Creations: Sculpted Cakes and Treats

My mom used the same bear mold to create several memorable birthday cakes for me: Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Birthday Care Bear, and a Cabbage Patch Kid cake! I felt so special when my mom took the time to create these personal cakes. So, when my first child had his first birthday party, I knew I wanted to put as much love into his cake! I even got the same kind of bear cake mold, and I made him an Elmo cake. As the years went on, I tried using different kinds of cakes and started carving my own forms.  Some were a complete disaster! It took a few parties to discover which kind of cake carved the best. I've developed a "3 day cake schedule." Because the 3-day process makes me super anxious, I don't offer these cakes for sale professionally. However, I have made a few for friends or other special occasions. I only use buttercream because I prefer the taste, and I like how the frosting looks like brushstrokes.

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