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Oil Portraits

Portraits have been my favorite subject since I discovered I was pretty good at drawing in middle school.  I’ve been focused on painting oil portraits using the 12” square since 2013. Just before that, I’d been trying to enlarge old Polaroids from my grandparents on to 4’x4’ canvas, but as a busy parent, I always felt anxious that I didn’t have time to finish them.  A friend (and fellow painter, mom, and art teacher!) suggested I just go smaller.  Sometimes you get so overwhelmed, you don’t think of an obvious solution! I haven’t grown bored of this format ever since!  I find discovering my subject in the paint just as challenging as working huge.  In fact, just getting their likeness and a touch of their spirit in a detailed, tonal under-painting is often thrilling enough for me. Therefore, I’m surrounded by works in progress in my studio!


Please contact me if you're interested in a commissioned portrait.  I usually work on a 12" x 12" canvas, but willing to do smaller or larger to meet you needs. Please contact me at with any questions about this process if you'd like to order a portrait. 

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